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Nigerian music director, Clarence Peters arrested over death of video vixen, Kodak



Popular Nigerian musician and producer, Clearance Peters, has been inactive and detained by the city State Police Command over the death of dancer and video unpleasant woman, Kodak.

The city Police representative, Bala Elkanam, WHO confirmed the incident to newsmen on Sunday, aforesaid that the dancer died on Th, once she was reportedly electrocuted whereas charging her phone at Clarence’s lodging in Omole Estate, city State.

Elkana aforesaid that equipage has been detained and is being questioned as the investigation is in progress for murder.

According to him, everybody gifts at the music director’s house, once the unfortunate incident happened, has been invited for questioning.

He aforesaid ”Yes it’s true; he’s in our custody respondent some queries.

”We square measure work the circumstances that LED to her death therefore positively there square measure queries investigators can have to be compelled to conclude and he’s one amongst {those that|people WHO|those who} have to be compelled to answer a number of those questions; that’s why he has been invited with some few others who were there.

”They square measure detained as a result of it’s a full-fledged investigation.

”It may be a murder indictment. we have a tendency to square measure most likely staring at murder however we have a tendency to don’t seem to be terminal at this stage.

”If she died of electrocution in keeping with reports, it’s left for the U.S.A. to seek out out if she was truly electrocuted and what went wrong.”

”I believe that by the time the autopsy is out we are going to understand,” he added.

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